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About us



We help you to maximize your return on investment by providing you customized IT solution and the best customer support.

There is a saying that a great revolution in just one single individual can help to achieve a change in the destiny of a society and, further, can enable a change in the destiny of humankind. With this passionate dream to change the destiny of society and humankind on a positive note, Sibyl started its humble journey on October 2010.

Sibyl was started as a partnership company with a couple of young college graduates. After overcoming all the initial challenges, now Sibyl is all set to go to the next higher orbit. As a result it is now converted to Pvt. Ltd. Company. Thus the process of reaching the next higher orbit keeps on moving.



At Sibyl our purpose is to provide IT solution and work for total customer satisfaction. We help individuals and organizations throughout the world to realize their full potential. Our expert, knowledgeable and professional staffs provide customized solution and the best customer support.


We strive to be the acknowledged global leader and preferred partner in products, services, and solutions that consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.

Core Values

Accountability just doesn’t mean accounting for the happenings in and around the organization but to take the responsibility and ownership of each and every action and its relative outcome. It stays a part and parcel of our values that we are accountable-individually and in teams-for our deliverance on our commitments, be it to the stakeholders or to our greatest assets i.e., our clients. To suffice your needs, exceed your expectations, fulfill our commitments and be equally willing to reap the awards of any task undertaken with you. We would remind ourselves that we are responsible for our actions, which in turn, influence our clients, suffice our vendors and build a healthy correlation of professionalism, satisfaction & a healthy atmosphere. We hold ourselves to a high standard of accountability for any challenge we accept.